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For Parents

"Educational therapy and the work he did with Vicki was able to transform our son from an insecure and underachieving student into a confident and successful student.  He was able to organize and take responsibility for his assignments which allowed his talents to shine.  We couldn't have done it alone." 

                                                                                                                             -Barbara, Parent of 12th grader

Explaining Learning Challenges to
Students That Learn Differently

Our brains are responsible for how we think, read, spell and write. We can also thank our brains for special abilities such as playing musical instruments, singing, acting, or dancing. The skills needed for sports and memorizing math facts and even the ability to stay focussed are directed by our brains.


Each brain is different and no one has a brain that can do all of these tasks well, yet everyone has their individual strengths and areas of challenge. This means that some skills are easy and some are harder for each of us.


Everyone learns differently. It's important to understand your own learning profile, including your personal strengths and weaknesses. Then, with support from teachers, family, tutors and educational therapists, you will learn strategies to help you be a confident, independent learner.



Learning Modalities


There are three ways our brain gets new information: auditory (through our ears), visually (through our eyes) and kinestically (by using our fingers or body and "doing"). Knowing your preferred learning style and modality can  impact the way we learn.

 I have known Vicki for many years, and previously worked with her at the Kayne Eras Center in Los Angeles. It was there that I was able to see first hand what an intelligent, compassionate and gifted educational therapist she is. I also collaborated with Vicki when she was the Learning Specialist at Temple Israel Day School, also in Los Angeles.  I have always found her to be thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Vicki is adept at working with students at any age level, and she is capable of helping students with both Math, and Language Arts. I have recommended Vicki to parents many times through the years, and I always felt confident in doing so.

                                                                                                          -Kate McNeil,MA, ET/P

Reading and Spelling Resources






Math Resources






Ipad Apps


  • Math or Word Bingo

  • Hungry Fish

  • Word Wizard

  • Boggle

  • Scrabble

  • Hangman

  • Cimo Spelling

  • Fish Express

“Vicki was a life-saver at a time when our ADHD son was struggling … academically with processing and organizational skills, and lagging confidence in his intellect and classroom abilities.  With her support, he literally blossomed over the course of a year … from a distressed child to one rightly proud of his intellectual abilities, strong grades and sheer determination.  Vicki helped guide us to other resources (she seems quite knowledgeable of area healthcare providers), provided both professional and personal guidance with regard to other ADHD treatments, and helped us traverse a myriad of opinions about everything from medication to classroom strategies.  All of us emerged from under her wing with a fuller understanding of our sweet son and his gifts. My son – who doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinion – never once asked to skip an appointment with Vicki. "


                                                                                    -Karen, parent of 4th grader

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