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Homework Tips

  • Establish a daily homework routine: same time, same place (when possible)


  • Provide a quiet work space free of distractions


  • Play background music (no lyrics)


  • Encourage 10-15 minute breaks between tasks: use a timer


  • Remind them to do the most challenging (or least interesting) assignment first


  • Confirm that completed work is in homework folder/backpack


What Can Parents Do To Help?
Hands on Support

"I simply do not know if I can adequately express our appreciation and thanks for all your insights, work and patience.  We were so lost until we found you.  Our lives have changed immeasurably in the last 9 months due to our son's work with you and your guidance to us." 


                                                                               -Julie, parent of 4th grader



  • Offer to help or wait until student asks for help


  • Read books together: sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph or page by page


  • Check over math problems or edit written work by circling the error for student to correct


  • Type written assignments while student dictates


  • Use a large wall calendar  to keep track of assignments

  • Special outing such as a visit to the park, frozen yogurt, zoo, movie, favorite restaurant


  • Extended bed time


  • Time earned for electronics


  • Game night


  • Excused from chores


  • Extra bed time story


  • Play date or sleepover


  • Extra time for favorite activity

Sometimes, the most effective way to reduce homework battles is to use a reward system that offers daily, weekly and a monthly rewards.


Use a montly calendar or make your own chart that specifies the behavior that will be rewarded. An example is "completing homework with only one reminder" to either initiate or finish the assigned daily class work.


The student receives a sticker for each day that he/she satisfies the behavior and then a weekly reward at the end of the week for meeting a predetermined goal of a set amount of stickers.


You can also agree to a special monthly reward for meeting the weekly goal for three or four weeks in a row.

  Suggested Rewards:
Homework Rewards Chart
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